White smoke from left forward door post.

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White smoke from left forward door post.

Inlägg av vazzy » 02 jul 2018 15:32

White smoke from left forward doorpost with sparks and burning. Black doorpost panel started to melt because the person at the lada factory who taped the wire that gos up the post that turns on the dome light put a screw right through the wire while mounting the panel. How do I replace that wire that disappears under the corner of the dashboard, cant find out where it comes out under the dashboard?

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Re: White smoke from left forward door post.

Inlägg av ahlberg » 02 jul 2018 18:32

First of all, when you ask for advice here, we will be very glad to get some feedback about the solution of the problem.. that way the communitys knowledge base grows and others can be helped if they find the same problem on their own car. That is the difference between a forum and a support desk. http://www.lada-niva.se/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=3974

Now, to your new problem. Which pillar are we talking about? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pillar_(car) It seems very unlikely that a shortcut should draw enough current to melt the panels without a fuse blowing. Are there any more facts?
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